Planet Earth

by Hyperaptive

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Written & Produced by Hyperaptive


Verse 1:

So somewhere in the vacuum-of-space,
There’s a rock, inhabited by miraculous-apes,
Who learnt to walk, talk, think, adapted-a-taste,
For power, then spent the centuries trapped-in-a-race,
To see who could dominate and be the kings,
A long line of swords, guns, death and severed limbs,
Entire empires controlled by those who pull the strings,
And for every one that falls and new one always begins,
Now they’re in the midst of their latest-attempt,
Their intelligence has just seen it’s greatest-ascent,
Went from seeing signs of gods in all of nature’s-events,
To being able to spot asteroids and make-a-defence,
But despite the major-extents,
To which they’ve advanced and grown,
Still it’s an unknown,
Universe they roam,
Some even still entertain the thought that they’re alone,
In the cosmos, trapped in the bubble they call home…


This is planet Earth,
Where the Homosapiens lurk,
Split and dispersed,
On different mountains of dirt,

Where your place of birth,
Will tell if you’ve been blessed or been cursed,
And a wallet or purse,
Will define your worth,

A species immersed,
In multiple illusions at work,
From ideas of supremacy to the church,

Incapable to search,
Beyond the spec of dust where they’re perched,
The smartest dumb fucks in the universe…

Verse 2:

A world where nothing makes the slightest-of-sense,
No one has a clue what’s going on despite-the-pretence,
Of order that everybody always likes-to-present,
Half of them waiting for a fucking afterlife-to-commence!
If you don’t know the answers and your mind-aches,
Don’t sit and stress about it, just resort to blind-faith!
No need to time-waste,
Unravelling all the mysteries behind-space,
‘Cause when we die we’re all headed to a divine-place!
So ’til the day your numbers-are-through,
Just hit the T.V, ensure nothing encumbers-the-view!
Get living it up in the club, with all the drunkards-and-booze,
Go buy material shit, explore the wonders-of-shoes!
No need to make use-of-your-head,
Anyone challenging the status quo we’re shooting-them-dead!
Fuck renewable energies, let’s keep polluting-instead!
Wouldn’t want to push our evolution-ahead…

Hook & Bridge

Verse 3:

A species who think they’re a superior-breed,
Though I doubt you’d find an alien who really-agrees,
‘Cause in the grand scheme of things we’re merely-a-seed,
Our full potential not even nearly-achieved!
Still running around in tribes,
Societies comprised,
Of politics full of lies,
A world where greed and evil thrives,
Where fame and power’s idolised,
Over being wise,
Yet still we’re sure of our superiority,
Even though historically,
Every move we made ended horribly!
We’re probably our galaxy’s main source of comedy!
Another life form’s own scientific laboratory!
Studying how we grow,
Placing bets on whether we’ll stabilise or blow!
Why I’m here with these fucking idiots spinning to and fro,
I don’t even know,
I’m just enjoying the show…


released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Hyperaptive London, UK

Rapper & Producer

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